Quebec Business Immigration

The Quebec government selects business people, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals wishing to become Canadian permanent residents and settle in the province.

Following the acceptance of their application, successful candidates will receive a Certificate of Selection of Quebec (CSQ) and will be able to submit a permanent residence application to the federal government.

Candidates may be eligible to apply under one of three business immigration categories:

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The Quebec government plans to make changes to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, which is currently suspended. The main eligibility conditions of the previous program were:

  1. Demonstrate a personal net worth of at least $2 million legally acquired through conducting business or holding a high-level management position in a private company, government or NGO.
  2. Demonstrate:
    a) Having owned and operated a business for two years in the previous five years, OR
    b) Having held a high-level management position for two years in the previous five years in a private company, government or NGO.
  3. Invest $1.2 million in a passive government-guaranteed investment for a period of five years and receive no interest. Applicants may finance their investments.

Quebec Immigrant Entrepreneur Program

The Quebec Entrepreneur Program aims to recruit individuals who have the skills and experience to operate a business in the province.

The program operates under two streams:

  1. First stream consists in creating a business in Quebec with support from a business accelerator, a business incubator or a university entrepreneurship center.
  2. Second stream consists of creating or buying an existing business, of which the entrepreneur must control at least 25% if it’s a new enterprise or at least 51% of an acquired enterprise.

The candidate must prove that they have legally acquired a net worth of $900,000, alone or with their spouse if applicable.

Quebec Immigrant Self-Employed Program

To qualify under the Quebec Self-Employed Program, applicants must meet the following conditions that differentiate them from the Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

  1. have two years of self-employed experience, in the profession or trade they intend to practice in Quebec;
  2. possess a personal net worth of $100,000 CAD, alone or with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner;
  3. register a start-up deposit of at least $50,000 if the self-employed candidate is based in the metropolitan area of Montreal, and $25,000 if the candidate is located outside of Montreal.

Additional requirements

All business candidates are also evaluated according to various selection factors and must obtain a minimum number of points based on their education, work experience, age, language proficiency, business plan and/or investment, ties to Quebec, etc.

Candidates must also demonstrate an intention to reside in Quebec.

Annual intake periods and numerical quotas are imposed by the immigration authorities. In the case of investors, territorial quotas are also applicable.

However, candidates who demonstrate that they have intermediate-advanced knowledge of French language (by presenting French test results of level B2 in speaking and listening) can apply at any time and are not subject to any cap.