Santiago Costa

Lawyer & Founder - Bayfront Law

Bayfront Law is pleased to assist its clients to navigate a complex global immigration landscape and a thriving Canadian real estate market. A real estate, immigration, and corporate law firm servicing a global clientele: As virtual as you elect, as brick and mortar as you need.

We are a team of like-minded lawyers and staff working cohesively to make legal services simple and accessible. Founder and Lawyer, Santiago Costa, created Bayfront Law to modernize your experience working with legal professionals. At Bayfront, you’ll enjoy greater access to our lawyers and perfect transparency as to your fees.

Canada is a country with a diverse population, a vast supply of natural resources, and a welcoming social support system. It is estimated that 475,000 people will be granted permanent residence status in 2024, signalling the country’s commitment to inviting individuals with specific technical skills, financial assets, and a wide array of cultural backgrounds, to add to its rich social fabric. In Canada, newcomers will find a high standard of living, safe cities, world-class universities, and a successful, modern economy.